Why our ancients didn't make modern inventions?

Contrary to the belief of the majority of the people, the ancient Hindus in fact had most of the present day technological inventions. For example, the airplane, submarine, atom bombs etc., things were present in the ancient India too. The book on ‘Vaimanika Sastra’ [aeronautics] was written by the ‘Bharadwaja Maharshi’ and planes were used by the ancient Kings and such citations could be found in the ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharatha’. ‘Ravana’ - had plane with more advanced features than the present day airplanes.

But, though they had invented the devices, most of them were not available to the common man. This is due to the fact that their use would ruin the society or the environment, when used on a massive scale. The ancients were very intelligent people than the present day individuals and they were kind too not only towards other people but, towards other creatures as well. They lived in such a manner that their acts will not harm or disturb other beings in contrary to most of us.

All the modern inventions are harmful in one or the other way, in the long run if not immediately. From the industrial revolution to the information technology – every invention has spoiled or harmed the society or the environment in one or the other way, either externally [physically] or internally [morally]. As you know well, the industrial revolution has given rise to the ‘green house’ effect, this in turn to the ‘global warming’. The atmosphere of the Earth has been spoiled and the air is full of poisonous gases breeding various diseases not only to the people but, to other innocent creatures as well. Due to ‘soil warming’ the water levels in the Earth are going down day by day and there is no water to drink now and we are all buying waters and this problem is more in the hot countries. The modern inventions have given the luxuries and have taken away or spoiled the basic necessities of life.  We have cars, refrigerators, AC rooms, etc., but - we don’t have drinking water now! This is all due to the mindless use of inventions.

On the other hand the information revolution has spoiled the mind of the man by injecting all kinds of dirt into the human mind. As the famous psychologists of world claim, the increasing crimes and rapes are only the result of the information revolution. This logic might appear a bit pessimistic overlooking the benefits of the inventions, but the ‘bads’ of these inventions weigh much more than the ‘goods’ when weighed in a balance.

The scientists are with the attitude of finding the ‘bads’ out of their inventions if at all, after their use and considerable damage has been done but, the ancient India was managed/controlled by the wise sages and they didn’t popularize these inventions foreseeing the fact that these would spoil the world or society or environment in one or the other way.

Even conceptually too the ancients were different than the present people. We are looking for the immediate benefits and joys but, the ancients were looking for the long-term benefits and joys. When looked in the proper perspective the so called scientific inventions are bad to us and the environment as well, in the long run in one or the other way. So, the modern inventions were not made or popularized in the ancient India but, it is not due to the fact that the ancients were incapable of inventing. Ancients were very wise – not to popularize these harmful inventions.

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