Are aliens really there ?

Yes – is the answer from the Hindu scriptures!  To the most coveted question especially from the modern cosmo-biologists – ‘are there aliens?’

But, the Hindu scriptures are also claiming that there is - NO - other life in ‘our’ cosmos, the cosmos we live in apart from the Earth's.  But, extraterrestrial intelligent life is indeed present somewhere else, in some other universe but, NOT in ‘our universe’.

The Hindu scriptures claim that there are countless universes in the endless creation and the universe we live is just a tiny part in the endless vastness. This view is closer to the modern cosmological – ‘multi-verse’ concept. According to the modern cosmology there are innumerable universes away from ours. The modern cosmological view is that - like air bubbles [with different sizes] in the soap waters – universes are present in some infinite continuum and the universe [all the stars and galaxies put together] we live in is just a small bubble - just a part of that infinite whole.

The scriptures also say that – these different universes are with different properties and each one is different but, of course it is probable that some of them might have some resemblances. This is in accordance with the modern cosmological view that – different universes in the multiple universes could have different dimensions and etc. The Hindu scriptures also make a reference to these different dimensions of the other universes apart from saying that our universe has 4-dimensions. In the modern science, in his - ‘general theory’ of relativity Albert Einstein has propagated the same concept.

There are references to the existences to the multiple universes in the ancient Hindu scripture the ‘Bramhanda Purana’ and other books. A hymn {akilaanda koti bramhanda  naayaki} on the goddess “Durga” – claims that the ‘goddess’ is the owner of the billions and billions of universes.

Now coming to the point on the aliens – the Hinduism says – there are intelligent beings in some of these universes and some of them are far more advanced than we are – and more matured and intelligible than the people of the Earth.

The Hindu scripture mention the name of some of the Universes that are close to our universe or in other words ‘our cluster’ of universes, that are just like the galactic clusters. Our cluster of ‘universes’ – comprises of 14 universes that has harbored life and the name of our universe according to the ancient Hindu scriptures is “Bhooloka”- it mean the – ‘Universe of the Earth’, the “universe harboring the Earth”. The Hindu scripture mention the names of these 14 – universes too and it has been also mentioned that in the past – some of these beings from different universes used to visit the other universes too and there are many citations on this type of travels.

{Ancient Indians were so advanced in sciences that they were capable of traveling to other universes too but, we are unable to reach the nearby by star…and we boast of our technologies ..!}

According to Hinduism – the Earth is the only inhabitable place in ‘this’ universe and there are no other places or planets in ‘this’ universe with any form of ‘life’.

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