Is Adhi Sesh holding the Earth on his head ?

Indian scriptures are all very scientific in nature but, these ancient sastras were written in a coded language and unfortunately we, the modern people don't know how to decipher the scientific secrets present in the ancident sastras and hence, we think or believe the ancient scriptures are all meaningless stories and this is not our fault either. Because, if a school child sees the relativity theory equations, doubtlessly the child will think it'a all rubbish because, an average school child knows this; a straight line has 180 degrees, a circle has 360 degrees, if it is not straight then it is not a straight line, etc.,. But, the relatively is far above these basic truths, hence the child will conclude it's all rubbish.

We, the modern minds are in the same boat, when we read the ancient Indian scriptures. Our modern knowledge and understanding of the world and the Universe is far behind the ancient wisdom so, naturally we fail to understand the ancient sastras.

One main rule one must keep in mind, while we study the ancient Hindu sastras should be this: if we fail to understand them then we should not conclude the sastras are wrong (this is what the modern majority has been doing) but, rather we should realize the fact that "we are unable to understand the scriptures" and one should try to decipher or try to understand or learn the truth behind the concept concerned. If this is our perspective, we could find the truth coded in the sastras one day else we would say "the ancient sastras are all rubbish stories" and thereby we are keeping a great treasure away, unable to know it's value.

Having said this, now let us see the science behind the saying "Adhi Sesh holding the Earth on his head".

The ancient Indian sastras have many references to the "serpents", at different places in sastras it takes different meanings. One such representation of the "serpent" is the energy. For example, the "Kundalini Sakthi", a kind of energy present in the "Muladhar Chakra" of a person is often represented as a "serpent". It says the fact that, that concerned energy is often moving like a serpent.

Now, the modern branch of the "String Theory" says, that our Universe is not having matter particles as it was thought a century ago. Rather, the our Universe comes into being due to the constant motion and interaction of the energy waves in the Universe. In string theory these energy waves are referred to as the "strings".

These vibrating, moving strings could be of different dimensions. The ancient Indian people were referring these strings as serpents.

One such big energy wave or string or serpent is making our Earth move due to it's motion, one end of the energy wave or string or serpent is touching the Earth. This big energy wave is referred to as the "Adhi Sesh" in the ancient Indian scriptures. The ancient Indian scriptures are talking about the modern "string theory concepts" but, they had a different terminology altogether, their own terminology. Direct extension of this "string theory" concept gives rise to the Adhi Sankara's concept of "Maya Vadh", which states that "there is no World at all, but due to our ignorence it comes into being". A common person can't agree with the "maya vadh" concept of Adhi Sankara but, string theory experts have noting to disagree with it.

So, the above discussion concludes that "Adhi Sesh holding the Earth on his head" is not a blind story or blind belief or a scientific pseudo fiction but, it is a scientific truth that the modern minds fail to understand like the majority of the scientific concepts present in the ancient Indian scriptures.

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